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16+Years of Teaching Through STEM & The Arts

Year-Round K-8th education 

We have open enrollment for students in Kindergarten to grade 8.

AT BCCA we approach learning with compassion and a genuine desire to help every child succeed. Our curriculum includes small classes and individual instruction, which allows teachers to better assess learning, address difficulties and customize learning for each student. The model of AIL allows for success with Atypical learners, gifted learners and students with specific social/behavioral needs.

A Day at AIL Consists Of:  Morning Meeting, Center Choice, Pull Out Instruction, Lunch, Free Choice Activities, Afternoon Meeting and Enrichment (singing, acting, art, dancing, yoga, etc)

Session Information: 
Age: Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Session Size: 5 to 7 students to 1 teacher
Sessions are held: Monday - Friday 7AM to 6PM

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Sensory Play 

Children of all abilities and ages need and benefit from sensory-based play. It allows them to connect ideas with concrete experiences, it stimulates the brain which helps strengthen neural pathways, and it helps develop fine and gross motor skills

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Weekend Sessions

Our weekend sessions are indoor & outdoor playgroup activities.

An important part of childhood learning is based on playing. Our weekend sessions consist of indoor & outdoor playgroup activities that will allow your child to socialize with other kids as well as exercise their brain, without realizing they're learning! 

Children Will Be Able To:
1) Increase their appreciation for literature, math and science
2)Gain hands-on knowledge from outdoor discovery (a guardian is required)
3) Learn at their own pace 

Session Information:

Ages: 3-7 years old

Session Length: No longer than 60 minutes

Session Size: 6 students to 1 teacher

Sessions are held on Saturdays

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Community Services

Job resources, social work support, ESL, citizenship & GED classes.

We believe it's essential to elevate and support the community of our students. That said, we provide services to the families of our students, and the community at large.

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Professional Development Coaching

Receive counsel from Amarilis Rockhill--a certified educator in Classroom Management through effective conflict resolution.

Creating an effective and positive dynamic between  students and educators is essential to the core years of childhood development.  Receive direct counsel from Amarilis Rockhill--a certified educator in Classroom Management through effective conflict resolution. Through cognitive behavioral therapy and applied behavioral analysis, she prioritizes students' capability to acquire and implement problem solving skills--with minimal prompt/guidance from their teachers.

1) Hands on strategies for classroom management that focuses on problem solving 
2) Restructuring classroom to implement preventive measures 
3)Group seminars from the point of view of a teacher (this is significantly different from traditional professional development)
4) Evaluations and reporting (which is advantageous for funding and maintaining a school culture with integrity)

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