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About BCCA

When students have ownership of their education, they are motivated to reach their academic and personal goals.

The Bridgeport CT Center of The Arts’ Academy of Independent Learners is a new kind of school in Bridgeport, CT that integrates typical and atypical learners in a nurturing, child-led environment. Our unique year-round extended day model Is an extension of our 16-year arts & cultural organization.

At  BCCA We:

1) Take a holistic approach to education, which assists our students in self discovery and learning. 
2) Provide wrap-around services to assist families with financial, mental and emotional support that will create an environment conducive to a thriving student.
3) Treat our students as people, not cases or numbers. Our students are people and are treated individually with love and patience by our nurturing, highly trained staff.
4) Maintain a small student/teacher ratio by design. Divide our extended day into academics and enrichment to provide a complete learning experience. 
5)Learn year-round. When work is play, why stop working? Learn more about the year-round education model.

We address the individual academic, social, emotional and familial needs of our students...every student!

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.

~ Carl Rogers

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Available Programs & Services

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  • Full day K-8th school
    Full day K-8th school
  • after school dance, drama, art and tutoring
    after school dance, drama, art and tutoring
  • WEEKEND SESSIONS: Our weekend sessions are indoor & outdoor playgroup activities.
    WEEKEND SESSIONS: Our weekend sessions are indoor & outdoor playgroup activities.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICES: Job resources, social work support, ESL, citizenship & GED classes.
    COMMUNITY SERVICES: Job resources, social work support, ESL, citizenship & GED classes.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING - Receive counsel from Amarilis Rockhill--a certified educator in Classroom Management through effective conflict resolution.
    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING - Receive counsel from Amarilis Rockhill--a certified educator in Classroom Management through effective conflict resolution.
Full day K-8th school
Full day K-8th school

Recommendations About Our Founder & School Director, Amarilis Rockhill 

I am most impressed with Amarilis' wisdom and knowledge as an instructor.  Amarilis served as our Drama Specialist and greeted each camper with the attitude that every child has something to offer and she was able to "key in" on these excellences and bring them out to further flourish.  She has immense passion for teaching and treats each student with dignity.  She was always prepared and had age appropriate activities/lessons for age groups K - 5th grade.  She is extremely creative, able to use all resources given her, flexible and able to flip from Plan A to Plan B without flinching.  She has worked in many different environments and with diverse age groups and which allows her to handle all situations of discipline and class control with ease and great confidence. 

Children are naturally drawn to Amarilis........her kind nature, magnetic personality, and nurturing tone.  This is truly what makes her effective as an instructor and teacher.

Christine Gambardella
Specialist Supervisor
Camp Shalom - JCC Summer Day Camps (New Haven, CT)

Ms. Rockhill has been a great value to the school. Her creative teaching and love for the students is just a few of the many attributes that she contributes. She is a team player and innovative. She makes the classroom fun but still upholds a disciplined class. She has assisted in curriculum writing, and also takes the lead in our Science and Math departments.  Mrs. Rockhill is well liked and respected by her students, parents and fellow staff. She has a positive attitude and is a problem solver. As her principal, I have never had any negative or insubordinate experiences. She is respectful and has adhered to the guidelines of our school at all times. She is involved in the well- being of her students and has been instrumental in many of our eighth graders being accepted to prestigious High Schools throughout Connecticut.

I would recommend Mrs. Rockhill for any position that she may want. She is well qualified and would be a great team member for any organization

Mark Brevard


Love Christian Academy (Bridgeport, CT)

Amarilis is an excellent teacher and because of that my child has received homework help, test taking strategies, and comprehension skills. He has also developed a love for Math and Science while improving in his writing skills.

Amarilis is a perfect blend of strictness and kindness. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. She is capable of recognizing a student´s potential as well as weaknesses, apart from being very dedicated and sincere.

In addition, Amarilis is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She accomplishes these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude.

Otelia V. Harris

Office Manager and Parent at Love Christian Academy (Bridgeport, CT)

My experience with Bridgeport Connecticut Center of The Arts was amazing. It was an environment that provided family, friendships, and now education. I was enrolled in the school and I learned more from BCCA than anywhere else. I'm proud to be a graduate from this program. 
Liliana Ortiz
BCCA Student & Graduate 

Mrs. Rockhill is an exemplary teacher; she creates a positive learning environment. Her teaching techniques are outstanding. She has greatly helped my daughter improve her grades in Math and Science. 

Mrs. Rockhill is truly a dedicated teacher to her students; she gives the extra attention

and time needed to help children succeed. I am extremely grateful my daughter had the opportunity to be taught by her. I wish there were more teachers like Mrs.Rockhill; she will be a wonderful asset for any school.

Katrina Dicks

Love Christian Academy Parent (Bridgeport, CT) 

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Meet AIL Founder & School Director, Amarilis Rockhill 

Amarilis is an educator with 20+ years of experience. Since 2007, Amarilis has taught and supported students at Love Christian Academy and Harding High School In 2003, she founded and continues to successfully run The Bridgeport CT Center of The Arts Inc (Formerly Bridgeport Children's Conservatory of The Arts.) The organization began as performing arts school, but over the years evolved into an all around resource center for our participants and their families. 

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